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Car Navigation Screen Converter - Dual NTSC to RGB (or PAL to RGB)

Car Navigation Screen Converter - Dual NTSC to RGB (or PAL to RGB)

Product ID: 00233
Price: 149.00 USD
Available: Immediate Shipment

Add video and reverse camera to your navigation screen. Using our dual video NTSC to RGB converter, convert your satnav screen into a multimedia centre with added safety of reverse camera video.

The 2 video inputs of the unit will convert video signals from NTSC into RGB/Sync or RGBsB(Sync On Green). While a reverse camera can be used by simply connecting the 12V triggering switch to the reverse lights. When the car is put into reverse, the unit will switch the reverse camera on to allow the display of the camera on the LCD screen.

Ideally suitable where you add one video input (DVD player) and safety feature of reverse camera to the 2nd video input. The converter works in bypass mode allowing navigation screen to function as normal. If you would like to watch the video input, turn on the toggle switch to on possible, this on and navigation screen is turned off and video is switched on. If reverse camera is installed (using the 12v trigger relay), once the car is placed in reverse, both the navigation screen as well as the video input of DVD are switched off and reverse camera video takes priority.

This model is an upgraded model of our Car Monitor NTSC to RGB Converter for Reverse Camera and features advanced chipset suitable for 99% of car navigation screen monitors.

Unit Dimensions: 10.0 x 7.0 x 3.0 cm Shipping Weight: 0.500 kg
Location: Australia, NSW Item Type: Signal Converter
Condition: New Manual: User Manual (168.58 KB)


  • Digital decoding and encoding ensures best conversion quality.
  • Converts NTSC/PAL/SECAM composite video to RGB/Sync or RGBsB(Sync on Green).
  • Input System auto detecting.
  • RGBs input loop through.
  • Sync Polarity switchable between positive and negative.
  • Output brightness adjustable.

  • Video Input: 1Vp-p 75ohm RCA jack x 1
  • RGBs Input: Pass Through
  • RGB Output: 0.7Vp-p 75ohm 9pin D Female connector
  • Sync Output: 3Vp-p positive or negative polarity.
  • Power Supply: 12V DC center positive
  • Accessory: One set of D-sub 9pin RGB bare wire and one set of 2-wire power
  • Converter Dimension: (W)105 x (D)78 x (H)30 mm
Please Note;

  • can also convert PAL Video to PAL RGB
  • This converter is suitable only for one way style conversion (NTSC Video to NTSC RGB OR PAL Video to PAL RGB) - it cannot convert PAL video to NTSC RGB. If you need multi-system, (PAL Video to NTSC RGB, please visit please view our Multisystem RGB Model.

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