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Reverse Camera and DVD to Car Navigation Screens

Add reverse camera and turn your car navigation screen into multimedia system by using our RGB signal converters. Whether your car is local made or imported, we have a wide range of models suitable to "add life" to your navigation screen.

By using one of our video converters, you can watch DVD, play XBox and playstation on your screen. At the same time you can add reverse camera without affecting your navigation screen's performance.

How does it work?

Connect your DVD player into video one input and your reverse camera into video input 2. Using the RGB cables, connect these into your existing RGB car monitor wiring and through switches and relays the converter will be able to handle the following tasks;

-- in standard mode, the screen will act normally and show your navigation screen or your car menu screen

-- by turning on a switch, this will turn one the video input and show your DVD movie or XBOX game, or maybe TV Tuner.

-- when you put your car in reverse, the system will switch on the reverse camera together with activating the image on your car screen. Place the car back into drive or park, and the image returns to navigation screen or video

Can it work with my car?

The latest version is using advanced graphics chipset, so were are very confident it can work with all Ford BA Falcon and Territory, Holden Commodore, Nissan G35 and Toyota Kluger, Prado, Lexus and more.

Where can we buy & install?

With over 5000 units sold in Australia and through our overseas agents, we are very confident our sales agents can help with installation and sales. For complete list of our agents, please visit this link.
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