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Portable Car DVD Player with 7 inch Screen 173.63
In-Car DVD Player 196.10
Car DVB-T Digital Mobile Receiver 342.45
Car Digital TV Receiver DVB-T 431.25


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Welcome to Car Converters - distributors and manufacturers of signal converters, multimedia products and enhancers for your car, boat or truck. We offer products to convert existing car navigation (satnav) screens into multimedia screens using our PAL NTSC to RGB converters, as well as reverse cameras, LCD panels, TV tuners and much more.

We can also custom design and manufacture products to your specifications. Please browse our online catalogue to view our full range of products.

Car Video to RGB Converter Now On Sale
We have recently slashed prices on our range of Car Converters. Products are offered at lower than ever before seen prices - up to over 40% off our existing prices. We are also able to offer even lower pricing to our wholesale customers or bulk purchases - contact us for more information.
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Reverse Camera and DVD to Car Navigation Screens
Add reverse camera and turn your car navigation screen into multimedia system by using our RGB signal converters. Whether your car is locally made or imported, we have a wide range of models suitable to "add life" to your navigation screen.
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Car Monitor NTSC to RGB Converter for Reverse Camera
Intoducing the Car Monitor NTSC to RGB Converter for Reverse Camera. This converter adds the saftey of a reverse camera to your existing navigation system. It converts NTSC signals into RGB which will allow a reverse camera to be displayed on the majority of car monitors.
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PAL to NTSC converter, NTSC to PAL converter, PAL to RGB converter, NTSC to RGB converter, navigation screen converter. car DVD players, portable DVD players, DVD with TV, DVD with screen. TV tuners, Digital Mobile Receivers (DVB-T), Car Antennas.
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